T&C / FAQs

What happens after filling up the order form?
An email of invoice, (with the bank account no. and the amount payable) will be replied back to you within 24 hours in your email after sending the order form.

Can I change my order after submitting them and making payment?
Yes. You can change your order if my preorder is not closed yet.

Lenses are all 100% authentic.
Lenses life span depends on how you take good care of them and personal hygiene.

- Please check with your optician whether your eyes are suitable for wearing lenses and what power/degree you are. The lenses are guaranteed 100% authentic but we'll not be able to assure you that it'll be suitable for your eyes. We are not reponsible for any infection or any injury. -

For further enquires, email me at lensocheap@hotmail.com
All emails will be replied within the 24 hours.